One clear strategy
  • Our strategy is to make pioneering investments in rigorously researched, ground-breaking property developments. To maximise shareholder value, we select projects that offer the highest return with reasonable risks.quote

We break new ground

Seeking out the world’s most exclusive, rarefied settings, our single aim is to build world-class, unique property developments.

To build highly desirable places to work, live and relax, we go to great lengths to understand our customers and the experiences they look for.

And to ensure we minimise the environmental impact of what we do, we’ve set new industry standards in professionalism, diligence and best practice.

We’ve two guiding principles

  • To establish footholds in entirely new property development markets
  • To exceed the needs of residents and users of our properties

We’re all about water

OQYANA is Arabic for ‘of the ocean’ and is the name of our first pioneering project. No surprise then, that water forms a focal point for all our developments. We understand its magical quality, creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity in which to work and live.

Whether it’s an island or shore development – on a sea, river or lake – our signature is a unique, imaginative interaction with the surrounding waterscape.

Annual Reports

Our background

We’re owned jointly by Efad Holding Group and Investment Dar. Investment Dar is one of the largest listed companies in the Middle East.

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