Where we’re coming from
  • OQYANA Real Estate Company is a truly international organisation and the newest property development company in the region.quote

We’ve got pedigree

We are owned jointly by Efad Holding Group and Investment Dar. Investment Dar is one of the largest listed companies in the Middle East. Each offers our company backing and expertise, extending our own global reach.

OQYANA World First is our founding development – an archipelago of artificial islands making up the continent of Australasia in ‘The World’ development off the coast of Dubai.

With a unique strategy and world-class skill set, we’re now developing a portfolio of one-off property opportunities on other continents.

What we do

In strict compliance with Islamic Shariah principles, the company has clearly defined areas of operation. We intend to:

  • buy, own and sell real estate – developing properties for us (and other companies) – across the World
  • manage third-party properties
  • conduct feasability studies and provide consultancy services for real estate companies
  • carry out civil, mechanical and electrical maintenace of real estate projects.
  • use surplus revenue to invest in financial and real estate portfolios managed by specialist companies

Chairman’s statement

“We are driven by a desire to do exciting things with property developments that have never been done before…”

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